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Editor Settings

LiveCodes allows a lot of flexibility for configuring which code editor to use and its settings.

Editor Settings screen can be accessed from app menu → Editor Settings.

LiveCodes Editor Settings

LiveCodes Editor Settings

LiveCodes Editor Settings

A preview code editor is displayed to preview the settings in real time.

The settings selected in the Editor Settings screen are saved locally to user settings and are used subsequently. These include:

Enable AI Code Assistant

Enables the AI code assistant. (Free and no account required)

Code Editor

The following code editors are supported:

This can be configured using the editor configuration option.

By default, Monaco editor is used on desktop, CodeMirror is used on mobile and CodeJar is used in codeblocks, in lite mode and in readonly playgrounds.

Editor Options

These include:


Allows using Emmet abbreviations and actions. See emmet configuration option.

(Not supported in CodeJar)

Editor Modes

Allows using Vim and Emacs keyboard bindings. See editorMode configuration option.

(Not supported in CodeJar)

Format Options

These are Prettier configuration options used for code formatting.

In addition to those specified in Editor Options, the following options are available: