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The result page (of any number of projects) can be deployed and hosted at GitHub Pages (a free service from GitHub for hosting static websites). This requires login with a GitHub account.

The Deploy screen can be accessed from the app menu → Deploy.

LiveCodes Deploy

The result page (and optionally the source code) is pushed to gh-pages branch of a public GitHub repo (new or existing). The page, shortly, becomes available on https://{user}{repo}/.

If an existing repo is selected, the content of the gh-pages branch (if existing) is replaced by the deployed content.

If the option Commit source code is enabled, the source code will be deployed to the directory /src.

The code for the result page (and source code) is deployed as separate files for markup (/index.html), styles (style.css) and script (script.js). This allows re-use of these resources in other projects. Of course, multiple projects can be deloyed and linked to each other to act like a multi-page website.

The LiveCodes app will remember the repo used to deploy each project, so that later updates to the project can be deployed to the same repo.