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AI Code Assistant 🪄

LiveCodes supports AI-powered code completion, totally for free with no account or API token required, using Codeium, the ultrafast Copilot alternative. This can be easily enabled from the UI (as easy as flipping a switch!)

The large generative machine learning model is capable of understanding the context of your code and comments (across the 3 code editors) in order to generate suggestions on what you might want to type next.

It has a wide range of language support, and it works everywhere (in the standalone app, embedded playgrounds and self-hosted apps).

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The AI code assistant can be enabled from:


The editor settings screen (App menu → Editor Settings → Enable AI Code Assistant).

LiveCodes Editor Settings


When set from the UI, this configuration is saved locally to user settings and is remembered across sessions.


Alternatively, this can be enabled (only for the current session) using the enableAI property in the configuration object. This can be used to enable the AI code assistant in embedded playgrounds.


import { createPlayground } from 'livecodes';

createPlayground('#container', {
config: {
enableAI: true,

Also this can be enabled using query params (e.g.


On typing, the code completion suggestions will be shown in dimmed color. Press Tab to accept, or Esc to cancel.

On mobile, tap on the suggestion to accept it, or continue typing to reject.


Please note that when using Codeium AI assistant, your code is sent to Codeium servers for code completion. However, your code is not used for training their model. Check Codeium FAQ and privacy policy for more details.