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Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of LiveCodes! 💚

LiveCodes is a feature-rich, open source code playground with a wide range of language support. With LiveCodes, learning, prototyping, experimenting, documenting, teaching, and sharing code is easier and more enjoyable than ever.

LiveCodes is free, with no limits for use, no ads and no account required. The MIT license allows anyone to use (including commercial use), modify, and distribute.

As a sponsor of LiveCodes, you will be supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the project, as well as helping to ensure that it remains a valuable resource for the developer community. In return, you will receive recognition as a sponsor on the documentation website, GitHub repo and social media channels, as well as the opportunity to engage with our community of users and contributors.

There are several ways to support LiveCodes as a sponsor:

Financial Contributions

LiveCodes relies on the support of sponsors like you to fund its ongoing development and maintenance. Your financial contribution will help to ensure that the project remains sustainable in the long term.

Payments can be done via:

Both monthly-recurring sponsorships and one-time donations are accepted. Recurring sponsorships are entitled to logo placements as specified in Sponsorship Benefits.

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected].

In-kind Contributions

Do you have a service or product that could be useful to the LiveCodes community? We welcome in-kind contributions that can help to support the project and its users.

In-kind contributors are recognized (logo and name) in the credits page and in the README of live-codes/livecodes.

Marketing and Promotion

Help us to spread the word about LiveCodes by sharing our content on your social media channels, writing blog posts about LiveCodes or by providing us with promotional opportunities.

Sponsorship Benefits

☕️ Backers (USD$5/mo):

🍹 Generous Backers (USD$25/mo):

🥉 Bronze Sponsors (USD$100/mo):

🥈 Silver Sponsors (USD$250/mo):

🥇 Gold Sponsors (USD$500/mo):

🏆 Platinum Sponsors (USD$1,000/mo):

💎 Diamond Sponsors (USD$2,000/mo):

  • Custom build of the playground with your logo and brand. The custom build is maintained and receives new updates.
  • Access to a hosted (always-on) broadcast API and custom services.
  • Prominent logo placement on the front page of
  • Prominent logo placement in sidebar of all content pages.
  • Prominent logo placement at the top of this page.
  • Prominent logo placement in the README of live-codes/livecodes.
  • Priority in feature requests.

🌟 Special Sponsors (> USD$2,000/mo):

    Let's discuss.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of LiveCodes, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to discuss the various sponsorship options available and find a way for you to get involved. Thank you for your support!

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