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GitHub Integration

Generally, LiveCodes can be used anonymously without any accounts. This includes importing code from GitHub gists or public repos.

However, some features do require login with a GitHub account and giving specific permissions to make use of GitHub services (e.g. import from private repos, export to gist, deploy, assets and sync).


User authentication is handled using Firebase Authentication which may use cookies. By logging in, you agree that cookies may be stored on your device.

Features that require GitHub Account

Public Repos

Access to public repos is required for:

  • Deploy: A new public repo is created (if required) and code is pushed to the branch gh-pages of the repo. The is deployed on GitHub pages.
  • Assets: can be stored on a public repo published on GitHub pages.

Private Repos

Access to private repos is required to:

  • Import code from private repos.
  • Sync LiveCodes data to a private repo.


Access to gists is required to:

  • Export projects to GitHub gist.

Setting Permissions

GitHub user permissions for LiveCodes app are set the first time the user logs in. Any subsequent login will use the first permissions, even if they are set differently.

To change previously set permissions: